"Building websites is not just about stylish features. Website Design has to consider operating the website and this requires being visible on Google." (STOEHR INTERACTIVE)
When building or relaunching their websites, many firms often focus on decisions regarding content management systems and visual design. However, creating a website should also take into consideration website operations and should make sure, that a website is found, visited, and shared by the target audience. Therefore, the competencies required are not only visual design and technology. It is market knowledge, writing and editing and day-to-day web analytics, which in todays competitive environment is even more important.
Our approach to build a successful web presence is not finished with creative design concepts and running content management systems our clients love. We take care of the website, portal or shop to be found on Google or other search engines on a day-to-day basis.

  • We provide advice in choosing the right content management system in order to make sure that close collaboration between the clients and our team is possible. We deliver not only the visual design, but also writing and editing content, and the technical implementation. Finally, if required, we can offer complete website hosting at low cost.

  • An important component of every web design project is optimizing the site for search engines. As a Google certified agency we are at the heart of the search engine business and know very well the search behavior of internet users.

  • We make use of social media opportunities. Here, we are leveraging the possibilities of social bookmarking, blogging and microblogging, such as Twitter and Tumblr, developing and operating Facebook pages and other social networks. Operating social media sites requires multiple tasks. In order to keep costs low and if resources are available, we are flexible in allocating tasks between your and our team.
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