Web Design and Development

"True interactivity is not about clicking on icons or downloading files, it´s about encouraging communication." (Edwin Schlossberg, * 1945)
Contrary to Content Marketing, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization, which are online communication services usually taking place continuously, Web Design and Development is a project-driven service. Depending on the individual client situation and brief, web design and development assignments can be structured according to clearly defined milestones in terms of creating website strategy and concept, implementation, and continuous improvement.

Website Strategy, Concept and Implementation

When starting a web project, we ask our client four "W" questions:

  • What business are you in?
  • Why do you need the website?
  • Who is the audience you want to target with your website and how is their online behavior?
  • Where do you expect your audience to find your site?
Many companies, which (re)launch their websites immediately jump into high-level structural and graphical issues and leave the content for later stages. We think, that content is king, and that goal- and strategy-oriented web design should incorporate possible customer journeys into the design concepts. Hence, we start Web Design by developing ideas about the content, model personas of site visitors, and design the storyboards for the website in interviews, workshops, and focus groups with our clients.

Based on the narrative, we develop ideas of the
visual design (layout, colors, images, typography, Web 2.0 elements), taking into consideration already available corporate design policies and standards. Visual designs are discussed with the client on the basis of wireframes and page template designs.

Finally, we develop the
information architecture in close collaboration with the client. Derived from the customer journey, we provide a content model, which classifies and connects the different kinds and levels of content the website is going to provide. The information architecture includes all aspects of how the users are using the site (information seeking), URL policy, navigation, and internal linking.

Depending on the clients requirements with regard to continuous content adaptions, we realize websites with a number of well established content management systems, e.g. Silverstripe, Drupal, Typo3, Wordpress, etc. We realize websites - of course - according to the W3C standards.

In todays dynamic web world it is not sufficient to operate a website, even if it matches all criteria of contemporary web design. Without "
marketing" a website, all efforts of building up the site are almost useless and the audience reached is limited. In order to be competitive, a website should be compelling and persuading and must be found on search engines.

Web Analytics

Designing and implementing a website is not a one-off event. Instead, tracking, measuring, and analyzing the website traffic is a pre-requirement for continuous site improvement and optimization. Therefore, web analytics software is an important component of digital marketing operations.

Based on decisions with regard to the Web Analytics software and defined marketing objectives (find more about our services in this context on
Marketing Performance), we set-up and configure web analytics accounts according to specific requirements. We...

  • set the business relevant metrics and define indicators the site performance is measured by
  • aggregate and group data from different sites/domains within one report
  • align the tracking of user interactions with search analytics
  • adapt the reports to different needs of recipients
  • integrate data between the web analytics platform and other systems, such as Email Marketing tools, CMS, CRM, etc.
We offer regular monitoring and measurement of website traffic and provide ad-hoc analyses and recommendations to further improve the website.
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For a long time, websites have been the first point of contact of companies, organizations, or brands with their target audience online. Despite the adoption of social media networks and the fact that nowadays firms provide many online communication channels with their (target) customers (e. g. Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, etc.), websites are still the most effective way to communicate your content to the world.

For firms using their websites for the purpose of
eBusiness (etailer, multi-channel, or e-governments) the website is the point of sale, so it is a fundamental success factor. But also B2B companies and service firms should be aware, that their website is the basis for building brand image and reputation and therefore it has a strong impact on creating new and repeat business.

Even though this is common sense, we observe that Web Design and Development projects
rarely get the top management attention they deserve. Consequently, they often become more expensive than they actually need to be. Whatever the reasons, we recommend taking into account ten guidelines for successful web design and development projects:
  • Align Web Design with overall corporate and marketing objectives and strategy.
  • Plan the web design and development project top-down, instead of bottom-up.
  • Define the roles and responsibilites for the internal team and the agency.
  • Choose an agency with the right mix of skills.
  • Manage webdesign as a multi-workstream project involving team members with different skills.
  • Start with the content, not the visual design.
  • Don´t leave technology decisions to the agency.
  • Make sure the website is being found on search engines.
  • Encourage interaction with the target audience.
  • Measure website traffic and user behaviour and contiuously improve pages.
Considering these basic rules, designing, developing and delivering websites which delivers desired results can be achieved within a reasonable time frame at reasonable costs.