Search Engine Optimization

"The internet will create the winner and bury the laggards." (Philip Kotler, * 1931)
Today, operating a website is not sufficient anymore. This is particularly true in highly competitive industries. You also have to make sure that your company and the products or services you are offering can be found in the world wide web. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of attracting more visitors to a website by gaining a higher ranking in organic search engine results pages (SERP), is therefore a must have for a successful business or brand.

Since the optimization of a website is a multi-layered topic addressing aspects like content, structure, processes, analytics, and technology, STOEHR INTERACTIVE is following a
cross-disciplinary approach on this channel.

Keyword Strategy: Define Keywords and Phrases

Researching and defining the right keywords is not only the foundation of sound SEO, it is a core process of the entire Internet Marketing Strategy. Superior aim of keyword research and strategy is generating targeted traffic, i. e. attracting users who find the content they have been looking for. The keyword mapping process requires five action steps:

  • Understand and anticipate the user´s search behavior and the search terms used
  • Research keywords and phrases by using Keyword Tools (e. g. Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google AdWords Traffic Estimator, Google Wonder Wheel, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery)
  • Analyze competition in terms of quantity and quality (link popularity, page rank, etc.)
  • Define keywords and phrases with high relevance to the user, high search volume and low competition
  • Group keywords and phrases to keyword clouds and align to website pages taking the product/service portfolio as well as information about the company into account

On-Page Optimization: Design Site Structure and Provide Content

One of the most frequent pitfalls is neglecting an integration of Web Design and Development with SEO. Since many companies are assigning two separate agencies for Web Design and SEO, very often the site structure is finished and online when the SEO agency should start. Obviously, this is much too late. Instead, any (re)design of a website should begin with defining a user centered and therefore also search engine friendly site structure. The action steps of On Page Optimization are:

  • Create a pyramidal website structure based on keyword strategy considering user friendly navigation (breadcrumbs, sitemaps, dynamic linking, "nofollow" attributes)
  • Use main keywords in anchor texts and build up internal linking and site navigation to push usability
  • Make use of "Alternative Text" for images
  • Define page titles by using title tags for each page and provide meta tags (description, keywords, robots, verification meta tags)
  • Use header tags in order to structure the content of a page (h1 - h6)
  • Create compelling content based on high demanding keywords and phrases

Off-Page Optimization: Promote site for link building

  • Choose site search and analytics tools
  • Make use of social bookmarking in order to generate additional traffic and get incoming links (,,
  • Gain media attention by submitting press releases and write articles about specific topics using incoming links with anchor text

Measure and Monitor Search Engine Results

  • Implement a Web Analytics Tool in order to monitor user behavior (e. g. Google Analytics)
  • Define goals and metrics (e. g. traffic, rankings, links, leads, sales, investment)
  • Regularly measure and monitor achievements by keyword clouds
  • Analyze the impact of SEO actions on traffic development
  • Set up and provide monthly reporting
  • Continuously refine keyword strategy and content and site structure
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What do you do when you are looking for information, a product or a service? Usually, you will type a term in a search engine and click through the results. But think about it, would you ever go to page four? Most of us wouldn´t.

Therefore it is very important to be
well ranked on the first page of a major search engine, like Google, Yahoo!, bing, etc. to attract the relevant audience, potential customers and increase organic traffic to your website.

Although SEO activities should be aligned with search engine advertising, at STOEHR INTERACTIVE we regard
SEO as a means to communicate brand and product messages. As such, SEO is closely related to content marketing, web design, and social media and should be an integrated part of the online communications strategy.