"Generating sales at pre-defined advertising cost per unit is one of the merits of internet marketing. Media planning, budgeting and buying has almost become obsolete as we are able to get leads, customers and sales at a previously defined target return on marketing investment." (STOEHR INTERACTIVE)
Shifting marketing, communication, and advertising efforts to the internet might be a good solution for many sales and revenue issues. The success of online marketing over the past ten years is due to three big advantages:

  • Transparency: you know what you get for your buck on a daily basis.
  • Predictability: you can manage online campaigns according to previously defined objectives.
  • Performance-based pricing: you pay for results only.
STOEHR INTERACTIVE delivers on these promises and makes sure that you can leverage the web as the most effective and efficient sales channel and optimize your return on marketing investment.

  • We direct relevant searches of internet users to your offering and generate leads, orders or sales with new customers at a pre-defined cost per lead (CPL) and cost per order (cost per order)

  • We design and deliver Emails to your target audience and help you to increase your sales with existing customers.

  • We design and deliver online branding campaigns getting maximum reach for your products and services at a previously defined cost per click.

  • We build up a network of online sales partners who sell your products for commission only. You define the commission per Order - we do the rest. That way, you will get a huge number of new customers.
Learn more, how we deliver leads, customers and sales to your website and online shop respectively. The services which address these actions are

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