"The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” (Albert Einstein, 1879 - 1955)
Business Portfolio
The scope of our business portfolio depends very much on the clients readiness to invest in media spendings as well as the character of service required (value or volume-based).

As a digital agency our focus is the "online business". However, as marketing, communication and advertising have cross-channel impact and an understanding of traditional value chains is required when developing and implementing digital strategies, we relinquished the "online" term from our business portfolio segments.


Rising internet usage during the last ten years has been accompanied by a strong growth of online marketing. In many countries, online marketing and advertising are nowadays a well established medium in the Marketing Mix of companies, brands, NGO´s and individuals. Enabling high volume of users at low prices and predictable outcomes, interactive marketing is challenging traditional media (TV, radio, print, outdoor) in a lot of industries.

Our advertising services are offered to clients who want to
buy traffic in order to generate leads, win customers or create revenues. Being experts in online marketing and sales, we know very well which channel creates the biggest gains, and are committed to invest media spendings according to the maximum ROI.
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Online Advertising has introduced a quantitative and results-driven approach towards marketing. However, this may not be sufficient for companies who want to outperform their competitors. Gaining predominance in digital marketing requires compelling content and messages as well as communication tools and processes with sustained impact on the target audience.

Through communication services, we
build brands online and provide support for companies engaging in an online dialogue with their stakeholders. Online communication is generally used predominantly for marketing, but many of these instruments and channels can be adventageously applied to other corporate processes, such as Human Resources, Product Development, etc.
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Many companies are ready to evolve beyond (volume-driven) communication and advertising, challenging existing marketing models. Since volume-driven approaches can easily be copied by competitors, today´s global market dynamics require companies to come up with compelling value-driven business and marketing strategies.

We advise companies in creating competitive advantage by designing, transforming and implementing
marketing and sales strategies, operations and performance measurement systems. Thereby, we apply a holistic view of the corporate demand chain, and integrate offline and online processes.
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Publishing & E-Commerce

STOEHR INTERACTIVE is operating various blogs, portals and online shops.

We believe, that high-end marketing advice as well as agency services require not only strategic skills but also
operational competencies. By building up and developing these competencies, we are staying on the pulse of the industry and can ensure that we provide state-of-the art services to our clients.

Furthermore, we offer this as a
service package for small companies who are looking for online branding opportunities at low cost. We market advertising space and provide content for companies and people on our blogs and portals. Particularly smaller stores (both offline and online) profit from these services.
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Purpose and Values


We design and implement digital strategies for sustainable growth. more


We develop creative web sites and applications, portals, and online shops. more


We build brand reputation and communicate brand messages online. more


We acquire leads and customers and maximize online sales at target ROI. more

STOEHR INTERACTIVE is driven by a shared purpose and guided by shared values.

purpose is to be the interactive marketing firm of choice for companies, organizations and brands who market, communicate, and advertise value to their target audience by using internet technologies.

"Walking the digital talk" is the collective trait of our
shared values. We repeatedly do what we promise, and we promise innovation, commitment and sustainable results.

  • We combine strategic thinking and operational capabilites
  • We are following and working on new ideas and are keen to share these with our clients
  • We are an international team and act globally
  • We are independent entrepreneurs and free in our commercial decisions
  • We take responsibility and measure our success for our clients over tangible results

Jointly, both dimensions of our mission statement are geared towards sustained high performance for the stakeholders of our firm: clients, team members and shareholders.

Achievement of our mission is taking place within our
digital business portfolio segments:
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Publishing & E-Commerce