"As businesses develop they will identify the need to e-enable their products and services; a right attitude to the reality of the Internet is the foundation for an effective implementation of any e-solution." (Olusola Osinoiki, * 1929)
When it comes to evaluating the company´s position, every C-level manager responsible for marketing topics has either a sound knowledge of the AS IS situation in relation to Marketing Strategy and Marketing Operations, or at least has a gut feeling for what kind of marketing change might be needed in order to gain or defend competitive advantage.

We developed a
framework for marketing decision making, combining value drivers and scope, and provide value-driven marketing services which are clearly defined and geared to address the specific marketing needs of a company, organization or brand (please hover over the image).
Marketing Services
Marketing Issues

Marketing Performance

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If you´re not measuring marketing, you´re not marketing. "Marketing Performance" is about planning, budgeting, and measuring marketing activities and reaping short-term benefits through marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing Integration

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As marketing impacts revenue and profitability, changes may be called for in current processes, organizations, and systems. Moreover, the alignment and integration of marketing with sales and other demand chain functions must become a priority to implement cost-efficient customer orientation. more

Marketing Strategy

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Breakthrough improvements in company results are frequently not possible within an existing strategic and operational framework. Firms aiming for sustained competitive advantage should consider changes in their Marketing Strategy.

Marketing Innovation

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Accelerating competition and demanding customers may require businesses to look for new revenue streams and invent new business models. We advise and support companies in re-thinking their marketing value chain and launch innovation.
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We design and implement digital strategies for sustainable growth. more


We develop creative web sites and applications, portals, and online shops. more


We build brand reputation and communicate brand messages online. more


We acquire leads and customers and maximize online sales at target ROI. more

The internet has revolutionized digital value chains in many industries and beyond that has created completely new business models, whether in B2C, B2B or C2C. Of course, every business process is affected by digital opportunities. However, facing increased global competition and price-sensitive customers, in the years to come it is the marketing function which has to respond to the most dynamic and critical challenges. For example:
  • How to make use of and leverage on the flood of internet-provided data and information in order to improve marketing performance?
  • How to align marketing with other customer-centric functions (downstream functions), like Sales, Customer Service, and Public Relations?
  • How to develop, implement and align compelling marketing strategies with corporate strategies?
  • How to change and continuously innovate the role of marketing and increasing its impact on the top- and bottom lines?

This is what individual companies frequently can not keep up with, and this is our business:
providing the functional, technical, and cultural competencies required in todays dynamic marketing world.

STOEHR INTERACTIVE gives advice, and supports companies and NGO´s in designing and managing
strategic and operational change initiatives with regard to the marketing-focused value chain. By extending our focus to the entire "marketing-focused value chain", we are integrating all marketing-related business functions, such as Sales, Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce, PR & Communications, etc. into our point of view.