"You cannot not communicate." (Paul Watzlawick, 1921 - 2007)
Digital Communication
We plan, create and manage online communication campaigns or projects for companies, organizations and brands. Our communication services do not require any media investment (third party) and are geared to build awareness and attitude at a targeted audience.

Content Marketing

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As media usage is shifting from traditional to online media and customers are increasingly looking for interaction, companies should consider building and developing reputation and brands on digital channels.

Web Design and Development

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Contemporary web design and development has to take into account not only graphical conceptions, but also aspects of communication, marketing and sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Being on the first page on relevant search engines is of paramount importance these days. If you are not, you are not in the mind of the customer or your target audience.

Social Media

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The decisive difference of the internet to offline media is that companies cannot control communication anymore. Therefore, they have to find new ways to engage into a dialogue with their customers.
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The worldwide web has completely changed communications in the past two decades. This is not only true for e-mails, websites and search engines. Social media networks, both for private as well as business use, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Orkut, LinkedIn, Xing, etc. have revolutionized communication again in recent years.

What does the speed and frequency of these changes mean for companies and brands? Very simple: traditional communication strategies for getting
one-directional brand messaging across do not work any more!

Today, it is not sufficient operating a website optimized for search engines and making a relaunch every three years. The astounding
return of word-of-mouth recommendation has a tremendous impact on (internet) brand building. In order to get not only into the head, but also into the heart of the customers, companies are required to keep up a permanent online-dialogue with their target audience.

build brands online and manage internet communication processes in close collaboration with the internal staff of our clients. Employing an international team, we provide this service in 13 languages. The topics we are dealing with are:
  • How can we build a brand online without investing in mass media?
  • How can we get in touch with our target audience?
  • How can we make sure to be found in search engines?
  • How can we have online conversations?