"Visitors are the only asset of any website, might it be a shop, a portal or just a blog. However, it´s not only important to win new visitors, it is also important to keep your visitors." (STOEHR INTERACTIVE)
STOEHR INTERACTIVE can help answering these questions. Not only do we build stunning websites and make them visible on search engines. We are above that managing and growing your visitors stream. We do this by...

  • ... analyzing your website´s usage data as to visits, unique visitors, page views, average time on site and a lot more site performance indicators. Moreover, monitoring and analyzing traffic sources, landing pages and content used is a pre-condition to optimize your web presence.

  • ... developing unique content with a clear unique selling proposition and geared to the interests of the user. Collaboration and communication between you and us is the most important success factor when it comes to provide great content for the users. You know the products and services and the market positioning, we know what users are searching and looking for and how your offerings should be presented on the web in order to get traffic.

  • ... increasing the traffic to your website by improving rankings on search engines. Many websites are still not optimized for search engines. Our effective on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques are designed to grow your organic traffic.

  • ... making intelligent use of social media, depending on your specific business model. Furthermore, getting closer to the target audience and initiating and managing online conversations with your users is an important feature of a social media strategy.
Learn more, how we manage and increase the visitors to your webpages, might it be your website, a facebook page, a portal or an online shop. The services which address these actions are

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Do you know how many visitors your webpage actually has - and how long they stay?

Do you measure and observe,
how they find your website, which pages they visit and where they leave?

How do you make sure, that visitors
return to your webpages?

Are you satisfied with the
development of your traffic and do you know how to grow?

But most important: did you ever calculate your traffic acquisition costs and the
value of your traffic?