"Creative without strategy is called ART. Creative with strategy is called ADVERTISING." (Jef I. Richards * 1955)
Online Advertising
We plan, create, manage and report internet advertising campaigns for companies, organizations and brands.

Our advertising services start with a sound
briefing and media planning process. Depending on the clients marketing and (online) advertising objectives, we run online advertising channels either as stand alone or as integrated campaigns taking cross media impact into account.
We commonly manage internet advertising as Performance Advertising campaigns, committing ourselves to previously defined performance targets. Defining target costs per click (CPC) and costs per action (CPA) are pre-requirements for accurately planning these campaigns. Furthermore, by connecting performance advertising with Marketing Performance Management, our approach enables companies, organizations, and brands to achieve a maximum of efficiency and effectiveness in outperforming competitors in the field of digital advertising.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

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Search Engine Advertising (SEA) - often called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - has been the most successful online advertising channel over the past ten years. Due to high traffic volume and its nature as an inbound channel, it delivers great results for sales and marketing. more

Display Advertising

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After some years of stagnation, Display Advertising is experiencing a renaissance. New banner formats, digital video, and rich media are driving exposure and the possibilities for brand impact and connecting with customers.

Email Marketing

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Newsletter or Email Marketing is a highly targeted way to communicate a brand or to sell products, and should be part of any integrated performance marketing campaign. It is a very effective and efficient instrument for retaining and communicating with existing clients.

Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is an online sales channel free of risk for the advertiser. Employing website publishers (affiliates) as sales partners, commission is paid for results only.
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Advertising no longer works the way it used to. For years, the internet has been the fastest growing advertising medium. In many countries, internet advertising already ranks second to television, having overtaken radio and print. This is no coincidence.

Technological developments, such as
broadband, the profusion of smartphones, tablets and netbooks as well as the accelerating use of online media in private and professional life is leading to a continuous shift of advertising spending from traditional media to the internet.

A core advantage to the internet as an advertising medium is that it provides the ability for
measurement and control. Whereas traditional media is purchasing-driven, online advertising can be managed very accurately at previously defined economic targets and with high relevance to the target audience. Marketing and Sales can now calculate return on advertising spending.

Today, the possibilities of eCommerce and online sales enables companies to invest their marketing and sales budgets to directly boost their
below-the-line activities. However, given the technical possibilities of the internet, many companies are using online media also for above-the-line advertising. Internet advertising addresses mainly four questions marketing and sales people are raising:

  • How can we sell our products and services online?
  • How can we find new customers via the internet?
  • How can we retain our customers?
  • How can we build a brand online by investing in online mass media?